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"Without respect, humbleness and heart, you are just a fighter, and fighters come and go. But, a Martial Artist will be around for many years to come" - Shihan Price




"There was no cross training back in my day, it was frowned upon. I still found a way to get away with it. Today it is expected; Jujutsu has always been the Mixed Martial Arts of yesterday"   - Shihan Price

Several weapons have become a common tool for his Martial Arts school, including Katana, Knife, Bo, Jo, Tebo, Stick, etc. All these arts have added a extra edge to Ni Tatsu-Ryu, which has only enhanced his core art, JUJUTSU.

Shihan Price began his formal training in Alexandria, LA. In 1983, under the instruction of Shihan Bill Pearson and Shihan Jim Marler, the chief instructors for the Southern Hombu of Juko-Ryu Jujutsu (Japanese) at Louisiana State University of Alexandria. They are the founders of the TWIN DRAGON tradition which represents their unique cooperative style of Dojo leadership.

Training with a world champion there is no option but to get better at what you are doing. Learning to fight in a ring with timed fights and endurance being a factor is a great training tool for your stamina. The Judo training developed a ground fighting foundation that has given Dr. Price a well-rounded system for "enhancing" his Jujutsu.

Soke, Rod Sacharnoski of Juko-Kai USA is the founder of Juko-Ryu Jujutsu. Through countless seminars and continuing martial arts training with Soke Sacharnoski, Dr. Price has acquired training from many other systems including, Judo, Aiki-jutsu, Jo-jutsu, Bo-jutsu, Tebo, and live blade arts including the Japanese Sword arts of lai-jutsu / Kia-jutsu.

While training in Jujutsu he also found other instructors to train with from different styles and backgrounds, including Mark Williams (Karate), Nizar Taleb (Kickboxing 01´- 02´), Vernon Schlief (Kodokan Judo 1988-91) and other Martial art instructors from around the state in Louisiana. Dr.Price continued his training there before moving to Houston, Tx. in 1992 to open his school there.

During his time in Louisiana and Texas, Shihan Price worked as a personal body guard over a span of eight years, while working his way through college. Along that path he had also worked with several police agencies and is licensed to teach knife defenses through the United States Specialized Law Enforcement Training Commission.


OUR HOUSTON SCHOOL is now part of an integrated, multidisciplinary system of traditional Martial Arts and non-traditional Martial Arts. Shihan Price still finds his heart and soul deeply rooted in "JAPANESE JUJUTSU." 

Shihan Price has taken his years of knowledge and experiences, and put together different styles of training into one system. The Jujutsu training is MMA itself, with JUDO, KARATE and AIKIDO all in one. This makes this system complete and can be a lifetime of training to master this one system. The new system he has formed involves over a dozen systems of study. Shihan Price has named this system; NI TATSU RYU JUJUTSU, in honor of his first two teachers of martial arts. This system is designed for combat, not for sport. This way any person can learn how to defend themself without having to be a top athlete, meaning they need super strength or endurance to learn the martial arts. It is created for anyone with a drive and passion to learn to empower themself.

NI TATSU-RYU is a registered trademark and all rights and privileges are reserved.

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