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"Our Shihans were known as the"Wrecking Crew" that became famous out of Louisiana" 

Our history begins in Alexandria, LA under the leadership of two distinct instructors; Shihan Bill Pearson and Shihan Jim Marler, both who are now deceased. The leadership of our division of Jujutsu was lead by these two men. This system being rooted out of Louisiana, spread throughout the United States over the years and became a major system of study at one time. Now very few of us remain who still teach this ancient system. The system is still taught in our Houston school, along with integrated parts from multiple systems. Shihan Price has found the Jujutsu to still be combat effective and has upgraded the system keep up with our modern times. Every system of combat should always be altered and techniques added and taken away to refine the system for our ever changing world we live in. Keeping what works and putting aside what does not.

Shihan Price was part of the original "Wrecking Crew" which became famous from this Louisiana group. Very few of these instructors still teach from the old style that was taught to us by Shihan Bill Pearson and Jim Marler. All KI masters in the southern region descended from these legendary teachers of Jujutsu. They are responsible for some of the toughest of all students of Jujutsu breed from this main hombo in Alexandria, LA.


The Southern Region of Juko-Ryu Jujutsu is unique in that it is the product of the first Juko-Ryu Jujutsu class ever taught by Rod Sacharnoski, Soke of Juko-Kai International, in 1969. The Southern Region is the result of the dedication and instruction by two key people - Shihan William Pearson and James Marler. These two masters led The Southern Region Juko-Ryu Jujutsu for over forty years until their passing. They provided the leadership and advice needed to make our region of Jujutsu a success. If it where not for them, the Black Belt Federation of Juko-Ryu Jujutsu and NI TATSU-RYU Jujutsu would not exist.


"Training in Martial Arts is a true education and a look back into the world´s history of the fighting arts. Shihan Price believes that one does not just study one art, but many. Studying the Martial Arts means to start at the top of a circle and at some time in life you will be right back where you started, completing the circle..."

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