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"Ni Tatsu-Ryu is more than just a Martial Art system; it is knowledge, wisdom, understanding, courage, respect and self-confidence."   - Shihan Price

"The Jujutsu training is MMA itself, with Judo, Karate and Aikido all in one" - Shihan Price

"To master Ki training; means to master oneself" 

- Shihan Price



NI TATSU-RYU is the name Shihan Price created for his system of development of multiple systems of training. Defined: NI stands for two, TATSU stands for dragon, Ryu stands for system.  In the Juko-Ryu Kempo Jujutsu system: JU stands for soft and KO stands for hard. The system has techniques that are Soft (ju) and many that are Hard (ko). We train the old way, not flashy or fancy, but techniques that are the most effective. This is the way Ni Tatsu-Ryu; from the old school ways of yesterday, with today´s acquired knowledge of cross training (MMA). For more information about the techniques of the art see: "The Gentle art"


The Jujutsu training is MMA itself, with Judo, Karate and Aikido all in one. Still, our heart and soul is deeply rooted in "Japanese Jujutsu", The Art of the Samurai. They were true bodyguards, Masters of many styles of Martial Arts; including the Sword (Katana).

Ni Tatsu-Ryu incorporates training of the mind, especially with Ki training. Ki training is the ultimate training for the serious Martial Artist. The ability to receive full force strikes from an attacking opponent is unique in itself. There are very few schools in the world today that teach this ancient art. Shihan Price was trained in this style from his Jujutsu instructors: Shihan Jim Marler & Shihan Bill Pearson, retired instructors of the Juko-Ryu style of Jujutsu. Ki training teaches you the "art" (Ki-Jutsu) of taking strikes to the vital areas of the body. This includes strikes to the solar plexus, throat and groin.


Also involved in the training of the mind and body is the healing side of Martial Arts. This is the side of Martial Arts training that has been lost through years, especially in the US. Shihan Price believes this is as important as the fighting aspect, learning how to self-heal your own body. Most Martial Arts schools have very little training in the healing side and this is where loss occurs in most schools, over injuries. Teaching a student to heal through proper exercise, rehabilitation of injuries, herbology and spinal manipulation is the master level of training. This is a true master of the arts, not just an individual´s ultimate fighting technique.


We can explain to you this, our school is a non-commercial, self-defence, combat oriented system. We train for one on one altercations or multiple attackers. There are no rules in combat; any technique that works is a good technique. Belt rank is earned, not just a a paid part of the program. JOIN NOW




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