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Houston Jujutsu & Kickboxing Academy announces Adults & Kids Kickboxing program with 3 times Former World Champion Nizar Taleb Starting 1st December 2020




7:30 - 8:30 PM   





6:30 - 7:30 PM

Our school develops your punching and kicking skills for the ring and also the street. With this style of training for speed and accuracy you will learn to develop a style of your own that is effective and efficient for combat. Speed is the tool of this style of fighting and will instill in you a skill that will always stay with you through life. The kickboxing drills are like others, but with a unique twist to develop speed that is highly effective. Whether for the ring or the street, kickboxing is a very power skill to possess as a martial artist.


Come find out more at the Houston Jujutsu & Kickboxing Academy.




In 2000, Shihan Price met Nizar Taleb in Houston, TX. Nizar started a kickboxing program in the same school as Shihan Price and they became good friends. There was a mutual respect from the first day in their training and a friendship that would last for years to come.


Nizar was the middleweight kickboxing world champion in 1999- 2001. It was the beginning of a new friendship and life long shift in the career of Shihan Price and his martial arts training.


Shihan Price had attained a serious low back injury over 20 years ago where he was unable to train for almost a year and hardly able to walk without excruciating pain. He had lost his ability to kick and kick without pain when he returned to training again. His career in martial arts training seemed to be a thing of the past, but with learning new techniques in healing and meeting talented teachers he was able to train again. Nizar was a key teacher with his unique style of conditioning and training Shihan Price was able to kick again with power and speed.

Today Nizar Taleb is back in Houston and has started a  Kickboxing program in our School for both kids and adults. Come see why he is the best at what he does.

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