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When you speak of MMA (mixed martial arts), it means the mixing of the martial arts. What this should mean, is the instructor is well versed in each art he teaches, at least a black belt status in each system. Having an instructor with an accomplished background in each system taught, gives the student the fundamentals and knowledge of each art to help build a solid foundation of the martial arts.


In 2008, Shihan Price was introduced to Erik Paulson. He looked at Erik as the missing link to his training.  His background was from over 40 different systems, to which he held almost 20 black belts. The CSW system Erik introduced to Shihan Price was the continuation to his training in the Japanese Jujutsu. Even though he had many years of Judo under his belt the CSW system had many more styles and unique techniques to keep you always learning and evolving.  


There are at least 7 different systems on the ground in the CSW system, which are included in Erik's student level 1—10 training. It has submission techniques unlike anything Shihan Price had seen before with a large list of “Drills” to instill the techniques in your memory.  When you have a move that you may be stuck in, Erik has 10 different other ways of escaping and re-positioning.  Not only is the system a complete system in itself, it is always growing and changing with the ever changing world of martial arts.  As Erik has fighters winning or losing in a competition, he is always creating a new escape or submission from the learned experiences.  Thank you Erik!


With the vast knowledge from other systems the CSW system knows the strengths and the weaknesses of each system out there. This is how we explore the other systems out there today, take the best of all out there and use it – sound familiar? Of course it does, this is how the Samurai were so successful in their fighting skills, always learning what their enemies were using and expanding on these other efficient systems.  


CSW is more designed toward competition, but you don't have to look very far with Erik to see the combat for the street, where there are seemingly endless ways of doing things. On the street, all you need is one good technique that WORKS.

CSW in my opinion, is a complete system of martial arts, from standing to the ground. There are endless diversified techniques to learn. What has been so appealing to Shihan Price, besides Erik being a great humble & patient teacher is the drills he has created and keeps creating. Headlock escapes, arm bar and take down drills – all complete with simple ways to remember what you just did. Erik is a true master of the arts.


Becoming an instructor in CSW was a great honor for Shihan Price. All instructors were expected to know 5 escapes and 5 submission from all positions, for example; passing the guard, the mount, side mount, half-guard, etc. Students are expected to know 3 from all positions, which should occur within 6 months to a year of training. 


Students have 5 levels to attain, each level is an extension of the next. This system will challenge you from standing take-downs to positioning and then into your submissions. 





Shihan Price holds a Coach Level II in this system. His training began in 2008 with the introduction of Erik Paulson in Houston, Tx.  This program is taught twice a week at the Houston Jujutsu & Kickboxing Academy.


Erik Paulson, besides being a good friend of Shihan Price he is currently the coach of many UFC fighters and other professional arenas. Erik is in high demand around the world for his high profile training programs that he and his wife offer. Currently you can find Erik running his professional MMA training camp for fighters around the world in Fullerton, CA.

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