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Translated into English, Jujutsu means “gentle art.” The gentleness of the art is expressed in the execution of the technique, and is not reflected in the effect upon the attacker, except at the discretion of the person executing the technique. Using the techniques, a person may either control an opponent with a minimum amount of pain (neutralizing), or use a technique designed to produce a great deal of pain by breaking points or dislocating joints (immobilizing). Many times the only difference between neutralizing and immobilizing is the amount of pressure applied to the technique, other determining factors would be the direction of the line of force, and of coarse, the circumstances of the situation where force was deemed necessary, the resistance of the opponent could also determine how painful a technique will be.

JUJUTSU is the most potentially destructive of all Martial Arts. A student of Jujutsu (jujutsuka) has studied the forerunner of Judo (throws, chokes, and leverage), Aikido (joint locks, and circular control of an opponent), and Karate (punching, kicking, and striking). Therefore Jujutsu is a blend of all these arts. However, it is not considered as either offensive or defensive art.

The execution of Jujutsu techniques depends upon the motion and attitude of the opponent and the seriousness of the encounter. A jujutuska learns to exploit the weakness of an opponent’s actions. Although the jujutsuka is obligated to use good judgment and act responsibility in the selection and execution of his techniques, the techniques are many and varied and therefore can be violently effective.



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