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Our Emblem


Each part of our

emblem represents

the various therioes and nature of the techniques within the art ... READ MORE



We are dedicated to the task of providing a well rounded curriculum of instructions in the Martial Arts which we hope will enhance the physical and mental development of every individual who becomes a member of our ranks..JOIN NOW

Ni Tatsu-Ryu


Ni Tatsu-Ryu is more than just a Martial Art system; it is knowledge, wisdom, understanding, courage, respect and self-confidence. Our heart and soul is deeply rooted in "Japanese Jujutsu", The Art of the Samurai... READ MORE

What is Jujutsu?


Translated into English, Jujutsu/ Ju Jitsu means  “gentle art.” Whether you plan on just training to learn Self-defence or you plan on making Martial Arts a lifetime of learning, you have come to the right place... READ MORE

Our History


The Southern Region is the the result of the dedication and instruction by two key people - Shihan William Pearson and James Marler. We are the original "Wrecking Crew" which became famous from Louisiana


Rules of Honor

The 7 principles of Bushido


1. Duty and Loyalty

2. Justice and Morality

3. Complete sincerity

4. Polite courtesy

5. Compassion

6. Heroic courage

7. Honor

Shihan Dr. Patrick Price


Shihan Price has taken martial arts to a new level. Teaching Martial Arts from the heart, he teaches his students how to tap into their most important resource - their own minds. Shihan Price invites you to train in the arts, challenge yourself and investigate your true highest potential... READ MORE


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